Team E-caps Crew 

RAAM 2001

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Rich Kondzielaski 

"Ski" crewed for Peter in RAAM 1996. Very strong long distance rider. Gets stronger when the going gets tougher. Completed  solo RAAM 2000 successfully. As "High Wire" actor maintains power to the citizens of New York state.

Lanie Smith

Lanie crewed for Peter in 1996 Tour of North Texas. Officiated for RAAM. Competed in RAAM as part of the Overthehill team tandem. Web designer:

Kathleen Rogers

(Fiancée of Pitre)

Born in Phoenix AZ. Works as an Registered Nurse in ICU in several hospitals in the Phoenix area specializing in open heart surgery. Avid cyclist, holds Platinum in the Tour de Phoenix & won the Cochise Classic (252 mile) in 1998 & 1999

Barry Bobbitt

Married, resident of England. Born in the USA, served in 'Special Forces' of the US military Crewed for Pitre during RAAM2000 Active tennis player and strong cycling supporter Fluent in English, Spanish, and German. Noteworthy achievements are; award as International Man of the Year from the American Marketing association, the Million-Dollar-Sales Award from the Memorex Corporation, membership in the American Marketing Council, and accreditation as an ISO 9002 Service Provider from the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

Ron Donaldson

Runs a private accounting practice in Phoenix providing a range of accounting service to both individuals & businesses. Active hiker, looking forward to climbing Mt Rainier in 2002

Barry Bazan

Massage therapist from Tucson. Former police officer , cyclist and runner. Building a practice in sports massage.

Bill Peschka

Crewed for Peter in RAAM 1997 and for Jim in RAAM 2000. Accomplished ultracyclist. Official finisher of the Furnace Creek 508.Took Barry Bobbitt's place in Colorado.

Beverly Drummond

Crewed for Jim in RAAM 2000. Outdoors woman. Tandem cyclist.
















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