2004 Furnace Creek 508  

Pictures and comments by Charlie Griffice

Penguin on climb to Randsberg . The road surface was good and Peter was riding well.

Peter making handoff for drink and Hammergel

Penguin on Red Rock rollers

Peter before descent of last Red Rock roller. Notice his van was setup was the best ever. Loading and unloading bikes was easier than past " crew service". Except for the wind, this was one of the most enjoyable events I have crewed for.

Penguin on climb after Trona. He started the prettiest and best part of the course. He was also starting to look stronger than the other riders around him.

Peter starting up Townes Pass in late afternoon. John predicted he would pass more than 4 four riders on this climb. He was correct although the scenery distracted me from the count.

Shadows starting to grow on Townes Pass. Peter climbing well.

I didn't have time or patience to get a good scenery shot as sun set. It's really beautiful every time I go there on the ascent of Townes Pass. The "entrance" into Death Valley is difficult to describe with words and pictures.

After a tough night in the valley ( that's an understatement if I ever have heard one,ed.), Peter seems tired. We make it however to Baker where fellow Gastropod, Tom Parke, is the time keeper. Jon and Linda do the real work loading up the van at the gas station, while I goof off at the time station. This is another of my favorite places on the route ( you got to be kidding! ed )


The crew started getting even more tired than Peter. I was too tired to take pictures on this stretch of the course. Peter picked himself up and rode well in spite of the fatigue from the wind. Peter with crew at the finish.


From L to R: John Gower, Linda Pop, Penguin, Charlie Griffice, Chris Kostman

We left and made it home safely. It even rained on us after this picture was taken. Wind and rain couldn't stop the Penguin











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