ICE Trice Mini

The box!

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155 mm Rotor Cranks 26/39/53



Terra Cycle idlers replacing 8 ft of chain tube.


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9/24/06: Lowered the seat all the way. Much more comfortable but leaving no room for the rear mudguard. Installed the rear rack.

11/06 Installed 355 Marathon 18 x 1.5 rear tire for hopefully improved puncture resistance. VERY tight fit on the rim. The larger tire however rubbed the seat, which required seat and subsequently rear derailleur adjustment .

12/06 Installed Dinotte tail light powered by AA batteries. VERY bright. Installed Arkel T28 panniers. The Mini is getting heavier!




Trice Mini at the Rockstore, Mulholland Hwy:


Changed the seat to a more upright position. As a side effect this decreased the wheelbase length and thereby effective boom length, improving power delivery to the pedals. Reversed the headrest, to allow more neck extension. " Bear spray " on the boom, ready for the quick draw.

Mini on Mulholland Hwy:

Returned the seat to the more reclined position, just more comfortable. Used the Catrike Speed head rest foam for additional cushioning.  










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