Catrike 700 no. 005



Still enamored with the idea of "ultracycling " with a trike, I have been looking at the Trice Monster for a more comfortable, more aerodynamic and potentially more stable ride on the flats and descents. After having made up my mind of handing over $8000+  for the custom ICE Monster, Dana Lieberman from BentupCyles mentioned that Catrike had come out with  the 700 series under $ 3000. I was immediately sold! Pictures on the web were sensational!

Got mine a few days ago and I am one happy camper. We fitted 155 mm Rotor Cranks  26/39/53. SRAM rear cassette 11-34.Tried to fit  SRAM Dual Drive but were unsuccessful. The 700 allows for a 130 mm axle rather than  the Dual Drive's 135 mm. Probably could "cold fit " it. But  I was worried that I would have a hard time fixing flats. Riding the hills this weekend, it became quickly clear that I needed lower gears to ride comfortably in the Santa Monica Hills without the chance of ruining my knees. 

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Despite a much longer wheel base and 700 wheel the new trike fits perfectible  in my Toyota Sienna van:

2006catrike700van1.jpg (268893 bytes)

2006catrike700van2.jpg (251937 bytes)

 The Catrike 700 puts you in a far more reclined position than the Catrike Speed .While I never use the headrest on the Speed, climbing while basking in the sun makes a headrest less of a luxury for the 700. 

Rockstore, Malibu

In "good" company!

Following several reports on tipping a trike after rear tire blowout, I installed a TUFO tubular clincher on the Catrike 700 clincher rim. All the advantages of a tubular tire except for the weight, which equals a clincher tire with inner tube and rim tape.

Installed the new Catrike headrest. Works well.    


Installed SRAM Dual Drive fitted for 130 mm dropout ( from GreenSpeed ) with 650 rear wheel and TUFO tubular clincher C Jet Special 650C x 19mm,  June 2007:


Short " break in " run on climbs from Hwy 395 near Lone Pine, Big Pine and Bishop, CA. First off  4000ft climb in 12.8 miles to Horse Shoe Meadows. Worked well without wheel slip. The last 1000 ft I required the lowest gear of 26/34/ mountain setting Dual drive ( 13.6 gear inches ):

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Next day White Mountain Road to Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Elevation over 10000ft, grades of 20%+. Running out of air!!. Southfork Lake from Hwy 168 to finish the day ( and me as well ):

2007cat650Southforklake 003.jpg (274997 bytes)

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Whitney Portal Road the next morning:

2007cat650Whitney 002.jpg (282852 bytes)

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2007cat650Whitney 005.jpg (279660 bytes)


November 2007, changed back to the 700 rear wheel without Dual Drive. Installed the 650 Dual drive on the Expedition. Installed SRAM XO rear gripshifter.

September 2009, installed the new Van Arkel Catrike 700 bags









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