Catrike Expedition

Candy Purple with Chrome Base

I made the following modifications:

  • 650 rear wheel to allow for TUFO tubular clincher tire in the hope to avoid rear blowout.

  • SRAM Dual drive with gripshifting.

  • SRAM XO gripshift front.

  • SRAM XO rear derailleur

  • SRAM 11-34 cassette.

  • 26/39/53 Titanium Rotor Cranks,  155 mm crank length.

  • 16 inch front rims rather than standard 20 inch. Less shimmy. Less risk for  inadvertently fouling the spokes with  your fingers.( I like the grips close to the headset) More upright position.

  • foldable 16 inch Stelvio tires.

  • " Relax the Back " seat cushion for a more upright position.

  • Arkel  T 16 panniers

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