RAAM 1996 Crew:

Steven Fox

Lives in San Diego teaching computer science. Long time cyclist. Completed all seven California Triple Crown Double Centuries in 1995 including the Grand Tour Triple Century!

John Gower

Aerospace engineer, computer wizard and crew chief RAAM 1996. Completed California Triple Crown in 1996 (Hemet, Godzilla and Heartbreak.) AKA:" Snores like a bear"

Zach Kaplan 

Recumbent bicycle and HPV guru. Living in Muir Beach and commuting everywhere in California in his HPV. Many a rider, including this one, got passed by him in the California Triple Crown events, some of which were quite hilly such as the Terrible Two. AKA: " Beastmaster" for his effect on your average canine pest encountered during RAAM

Rich Kondzielasky ("Ski")

Southern PAC Tour veteran. Utility worker from New York. Completed the Terrible Two as his first CA double century in 13hr 4min. The first crewmember to sign on for RAAM 1996.

Jennifer Nutting

Student, presently living in Hollywood. Rides a road and mountain bike. Great RAAM van driver. May crew again in 1997, sure hope you will Jen !

Linda Pop

Peter's greatest supporter and private nurse. Would however rather ride a horse then a bicycle.

Steve, doing, what he does best

Steve Simmons

RAAM's best bike mechanic, road racer and master of many other trades. If you need your bike worked on in LA, he is your man! Steve surely holds the record for the longest distance covered while sitting or sleeping on an Oshman cooler. Steve will crew again in RAAM 1997." Way to go, Steve !"

Steve Simmons in action

Maureen Thomas

Student, living in Massachusetts. Southern PAC Tour veteran.Captain of the fastest handicapped tandem transcontinental crossing in US history. Also known among her RAAM friends as "Muscles", she may crew again in 1997.

The whole crew assembled at the start at the Holiday Inn

RAAM 1997 Crew:

Crew is all smiles at the start in Irvine

Ray Thompson

Veteran RAAM crewmember for Ron Bell in RAAM 1993.Ray is retired and recently moved to Las Vegas.

Charles Schroyer

Elevator Adjustor for KONE Corp. New to long distance cycling. Longest ride: San Francisco to Salt Lake City, 877 miles.

Rose Smith

The better half of the famous or ?notorious Over The Hill Team Tandem of Rose and Lanie Smith. I was fortunate enough to have them successfully crew for me in the Tour of North Texas. I could not have finished without Rose.

Reed Finfrock (aka Flamingo)

Accomplished ultracyclist. Finished Furnace Creek 508 three times, his fastest time:32hr26min. Competed in RAAM 1995 and1996. Distinguishable features: Flamingo helmet, pink gloves, pink shorts and "flamingorized" bike.

Ed Fleming

Rode from Earth to Venus (Texas) 425mi in 25hrs39min. Second place in a very tough Tour of North Texas 1995 in 39hr48min.Several Tinbutts and Ironbutts. Crewed for Rick Kent in RAAM 1991 and for Team PacifiCare in RAAM 1996.

Jim Haltom

Veteran Crewmember for Team Secure Horizon in RAAM 1995 and 1996. Longtime cyclist. One of the original riders of the Tour of Two Forests.

Anthony Underhill

Lieutenant in USAF. GPS expert. CAT 2-USCF racer.

Marie Handrahan

Qualified for RAAM in 1995 Tour of North Texas and finished the 1995 Furnace Creek 508 as "Hornet".

Jaime Gale

Crewchief for Marie Handrahan. Has driven more miles during the Furnace Creek 508 in 1994,1995 and 1996 than any other person I know.

Bill Peschka

Finished the Furnace Creek 508 twice as "Puma" in 1994 and 1995.

Melissa Pop

"Penguin's" daughter, who does not take no for an answer, when asking to crew for dad. Rides horses , dances and occasionally studies.

Team Penguin's RAAM 1997 Logo

Furnace Creek Crew:

Andreas Schultz   1995, 1998

Wayne Fairchild   1995

John Gower   1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2004

Steve Simmons and Linda Prueher   1996, 1997 

Anthony Underhill    1997

Eric Ostendorff   1996, 2000

Crew member extraordinaire. Ingenious Toy engineer. Ultracyclist and triathlete. Extremely helpful in my ultracycling endeavors. 

Michael Pop   2000

Paintball fanatic. Crew member 2000 Furnace Creek and Badwater/ Durango.

Linda Pop   2000,2002, 2004

Craig Robertson  1998

Charlie Griffice  2001, 2004

Dick Dickinson  2001

Dan Crain  2001

Paul Biron  2002

Tour of North Texas:

Rose and Lanie Smith of Over The Hill Team Tandem fame

Badwater/ Durango Crew:

Linda and Michael Pop

Charlie Griffice
















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