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Santa Rosa Cycling Club

The Official California Triple Crown Web page

Hugh Murphy Productions Home Page

Dave Nelson, RAAM photographer

Nelson's Home Page  Opinions on equipment manufactures such as Spectrum, Merlin, Campagnola, etc.

The Global Cycling Network

Furnace Creek 508

Eric Ostendorff's Middle Eastern cycling adventures

Akron Bicycle Club's Ultracycling page

Iowa Ultra Events. Home of the UMCA 24 Hour Cycling Championships.

RAAM Competitors

Danny Chew, 7 time finisher, 2 time winner

Rob Kish, 15 time finisher, 3 time winner

Mark Patten, 2 time finisher

Wolfgang Fashing, 5 time finisher, 2 time winner

Fabio Biasiolo, 3 time finisher 

Herbert Meneweger

Andrea Clavadetscher

Keith Krombel

Rich "Ski" Kondzielaski

Cassie Lowe, 1st place Woman, RAAM 2000

Rainer Klaus

Penguin Links

The Penguin Place. Penguin paraphernalia for sale.

The Penguin Page.  Everything you ever wanted to know about Penguins.

Penguin of the Month. More Penguin animations.

Dancing Penguins

Penguin Graphics













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