PETER'S BEST TIMES Note: All these records are from 1996 and 1997. Being older and slower ( but with more endurance) I can equal these times in my dreams only. Come to Malibu and give these climbs your best shot.

LOCATION Peter's best time New Record New Recordholder
Deer Creek Rd 18:18    
Mulholland Hwy 34:36    
Yerba Buena 40:51    
Decker Rd 26:17    
Encinal Canyon Rd 23:37 Try this one!    
Kanan Rd
31:42 Should be easy to beat  10/5 2000
Latigo Canyon Rd 33:59    
Corral Canyon Rd 10:51    
Las Flores Canyon Rd 39:58    
Tuna Canyon Rd 42:20    
Stunt Rd 23:17    
Piuma Rd 28:27    
Fernwood Pacific 33:11    
"Rockstore" switchback 12:39    

Please submit your time, even if you did not break the record. When enough data are collected, they will published graphically on this site.

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