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All my 10 speed  as well as two 8 speed bikes are now for sale. Campy wheel sets, etc., etc.


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Mushing in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

March 2008 Death Valley experience. Catrike Expedition

My new hip. Penguin goes "metal on metal". Right total hip replacement  Jan. 16th 2007

2004 Furnace Creek 508. Penguin is back!          "Thermo-nuclear" winds through Death Valley nearly do him in. "No pain, no gain."

"Back in the saddle!" Pictures of the two horses, Bruce and Lucy, getting ready for Endurance Racing.

Mountain biking in Moab . See it here. Some of the trails were real "bone crushers". Both father and son escaped injury.

2002 Four man Team Furnace Creek 508. Joining the "Poodles" in their quest.

2002 Leadville Vertical 100 km. Tour of the major passes in Colorado with John Hughes and friends. Photo gallery.

2002 Everest Challenge. Riding easier than climbing ?? Forget it! Not recommended for the weak of heart!! This is a ride to recommend to those "special" friends.

2002 Furnace Creek 508 Camp. Four days of riding in Owens Valley, Panamint Valley , Death Valley and the Passes in between.

2002 Planet Ultra 400 K Brevet. The Tour of Too Many Canyons revisited.

2002 Devil Mountain DC. Got 'whipped". 

2001 Adventure Corps  300 K Brevet. Tough ride: 185 miles, 12000 ft plus climbing.   

Death Valley DC, 2/24/01. Freezing weather from Jubilee Pass towards Salsberry Pass.  

Solvang DC, 3/31/01. How all good things come to an end, fortunately.           

Lone Pine DC, 1st Edition. Brutal headwinds.  

2001 Adventure Corps 400 K Brevet. 19590 feet of climbing! Charlie Griffice has a close encounter with local deer. Prefers to helicopter out rather than to sag in.

200250829p1.JPG (88263 bytes)


lt.to rt. Joe Petersen, Doug "Dog" Sloan, Peter "Penguin" Pop, Tim Skipper, Chris Kostman

2002508finishlarge.jpg (162861 bytes)


2002508finishdancrain.JPG (76871 bytes)

Peter with Dan Crain, two man team winner


Lt to Rt: Ti-Guy, One-Off Ti Softride, Spectrum Titanium Compact, Merlin Extralite, Fuso, Bike Friday. Front: Spectrum Titanium Super

My three cats. From Lt to Rt. : Speed, 700 and Expedition

4trikes 004.jpg (280370 bytes)

2007 addition Catrike Expedition

expedition 004.jpg (296005 bytes)

Trikes ready for action. From Lt to Rt : Trice Mini, Catrike Speed, 700 and Expedition

4trikes 016.jpg (289883 bytes)

Trikeholic's latest addition: The ultimate climbing trike? ICE's Trice Mini

My new Catrike 700

Onion Valley gets "triked:

2006catrikeonionvalley 015.jpg (282158 bytes)


Neck problems? Try this:

Peter's latest toy: 

hd2jpg.jpg (264729 bytes)

Harley Davidson Heritage.  After selling my Harleys during my RAAM days, I just could not resist. There are at least two other ultra cyclists in SoCal who ride Harleys. Any others? Let's ride

Seven Duo by Seven Cycles. Titanium mountain bike with Fox Talas shocks. If I only knew how to ride it well !

pict0003.jpg (84938 bytes)

Mammoth Mountain bike park

Mountain bike pictures

The Pocket Rocket Pro by Bike Friday. What a coincidence! The first cyclist I met on the road in Holland was riding a Bike Friday. Mine is "deep purple". Triple Campy Record.

2002bikefridaysholland1.JPG (99263 bytes)

2002bikefridaysholland3.JPG (98439 bytes)



 Furnace Creek 508 Camp 2001

Four days  in and around Death Valley. Sunshine, rain, hail and good companionship. Another Adventure Corps "Adventure".             

508campgroupstart.jpg (203930 bytes)

When Penguins turn bad

When Penguins get going

RAAM 2001

Team E-Caps consisting of Jin Pitre and PeterPop finishes RAAM in Record time: 7 days, 20 hours and 27 minutes. 1st place 50+ division. 3rd place overall. 


This Penguin needs:

Physician Races Across AMerica by Patricia Kirk

One has to wonder if a proton beam could have ricocheted off something in his lab and hit him in the head. Short of a medical accident what could have possessed this apparently sensible radiologist from Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, California to get on a bicycle and peddle like a madman to Savannah, Georgia?

Penguin Survives Desert Heat by Peter Pop and Andreas Schultz

1995 Furnace Creek 508. How Peter Pop led the male field, bonked on Sheep Hole Mountain and qualified for RAAM.


RAAM 1997 AKA Team Penguin's Demolition Derby by Peter Pop and Rose Smith

3125 miles of agony, ecstasy and emotional upheaval ultimately leading to victory in Savannah, Georgia. Disintegrating motor home and support vehicles. All this for Michael Shermer's handshake?

1996 Furnace Creek 508 by John Gower

Penguin's best race. Not yet fully recovered from RAAM, he fights for 2nd place in Death Valley and on the climb to Salsberry Pass. Secures 2nd place on the road to Baker. Tries to catch up to the leader on the climb to Kelso, but Rainier Klaus is just too fast.

Tale of the barfing Penguin by Peter Pop 

Still trashed from RAAM 1997, this is the Penguin's worst Furnace Creek 508  performance to date. Trying for a win, he goes out too fast. The Old Stomach can not handle it. Between throwing up etc. and exhaustion, his is a sorry plight.

fin97508.gif (120687 bytes)

Badwater to Durango by Peter Pop and Charlie Griffice

The Real Hell of The West

The Pop Family vacation." Touring" the West in searing heat and thunderstorms. Are we having fun yet? First Place!


2000 Furnace Creek 508 by Peter Pop

First Place 50 +

Penguin back in the saddle after sojourns in Motocross and Endurance ( Horse) Racing. Aiming for a new 50+ record. Thwarted by headwinds. Fifth Place Solo.


2001 Furnace Creek 508 by Peter Pop

First Place 50 +

Tough race. This is the last one! Penguin will be in hibernation October 2002. Eight Place Solo overall (including winner solo women).


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